21 Nov

Embracing and Knowing the Signs of Psychic Awakening


Photo credit: www.tumblr.com
Photo credit: www.tumblr.com

Psychic awakening may be and must be a magical moment in your life. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, don’t panic and just relax. The process of psychic awakening may be a bit strange for some, but there are ways on how to get started and enjoy your journey.

Psychic Awakening and Its Causes

There are many reasons why someone starts to open up, yet there are some common causes of psychic awakening and these include:

  • Near Death Experience or Accident

You may have heard stories like if a person has experienced a near-death accident, he or she started to have psychic experiences and see spirits after the incident. In fact, many people have already experienced this and most of them have gone through psychic awakening due to the accident.

  • Healing

As simple as energetic healing session or hypnosis can actually reignite your sixth sense. Such types of sessions may raise your vibration, acquire energy flowing, which could cause a shift in your awareness.

  • Birth of a Child

Intuition happens often for new parents, particularly for moms as they got tuned in to the child’s needs. They don’t call this mother’s intuition for nothing.

  • Loss of a Loved One

Frequently, people turn to their spirituality when looking for comfort after they have lost someone they love. And such connection to spirituality can bring them closer to the source, and their soul-level essence that can cause psychic awakening.

As mentioned above, there are actually no rules as to why a psychic awakening happens. However, as you can see, a big change in life events or anything that could cause a shift in your energy fields or perspective may crack the doors open enough to cause awakening.

Signs of Psychic Awakening

The signs of psychic awakening may differ from one person to another, but some of the common ones are:

  1. Pressure or Tingling Sensation

You may start to experience this in your third eye area, which is located between the eyebrows, in your chakras or at your head’s crown. It happens for 2 reasons and these may include:

    • Your chakras are starting to open up
    • You’re picking up some energetic signals

From the starting stages of the development, this kind of sensation may be very strong.

  1. Spirit Connections

As psychic side awakens, you might experience a stronger connection to the world of spirits. In other words, it could much simpler for you to sense spirits. These could be angels, spirit guides or your loved ones who passed away. You can also start feeling the presence of your loved ones around. For majority of individuals, mediumship is actually a natural progression, which follows psychic awakening.

  1. Desire to Get Rid of Negativity

One of the signs of psychic awakening is finding yourself picking up on the feelings and emotions of others easily. It’s known as an empath or being empathic. Due to their sensitivity, you could also feel drained being with the people are dramatic or negative. If possible, honor what you’re feeling and avoid the drama.

  1. Desire to Eat Healthy Foods

Instead of junk foods, you might suddenly be choosing for a salad. The reason behind it is that when you’re doing intuitive work, you vibrate at higher frequencies. Therefore, without realizing this, you might be instinctively reaching for higher vibrational foods including vegetables, fruits, etc. Such foods can help you keep from being weighed down and would keep your vibration light. Several individuals even pick to adopt psychic diets.

  1. Wanting to Be More Spiritual and Learn More about It

Majority of people who are experiencing psychic awakening have an appetite to learn. As they open up, they are shedding their old skins and remembering the luminance of their soul subconsciously. To that end, it is common to have the desire to read everything they can get their hands on, walk a spiritual path, and learn at the same time.

The path to psychic awakening can be an exciting experience. Your soul will grow tremendously throughout the process. You may also find yourself outgrowing some of your friends and things that were important to you once are no longer are. Although this could scare someone, it is actually okay as psychic awakening can also bring new people in your journey.
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9 Feb

Develop Psychic Abilities with Personal Mentoring

psychic abilities with personal mentoring

If you are interested to develop psychic abilities, then here is the best solution. Learning psychic skills is a wonderful and unique journey filled with excitement and self-discovery. Why you need a mentor? It can be overwhelming to develop psychic abilities. When you start to work with your mentor, you will start to reach your full possible as a medium or intuitive. The process would be less confusing as you are going to follow with your guide who would encourage you step by step. Most of the starters would feel really difficult to develop their skills without any mentor. The mentors would correct you, warn you and try to take you on a path to learn the process in a simple way.

What are the benefits one can gain while working with the mentor?

They answer all your specific questions and doubts about mediumship and psychic development. They share their intuitive insights and opinions about your special gifts. They treat you gentle and still accountable for your actions and practices. They provide one to one assistance from which you can get to know their experience, psychic ability and records. People start to work with a mentor for a variety of reasons. It includes getting help with past lives, work with symbols and spirit guides, manifesting, work with clairs like clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. They start trusting higher self, coping with crazy family things, giving readings with confidence and trust and much more.

The sessions will take place in a group as well as on an individual basis. The mentors and students will work together in a friendly and relaxed manner. Prior to the session, the mentors would recommend you to write some question or note the areas you are doubtful. The sessions take place via online and live. If the student resides in the same locality of the mentor, they could visit them daily and learn to develop the skills. Come discover more at Virtual Rush Psychic site. VirtualRush.net has tons of great info for almost every psychic topic imaginable.

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5 Feb

How to Read Extra Sensory Signals and how does it Work?

know to relieve from stress

If you are interested to develop your intuitive thoughts and read the extrasensory perceptions, then this is the blog you should definitely read. Here, I have listed the abilities, and how it works to receive intuitive guidance.

We get information in several ways in this physical world. For example, if a person wants to invite for a party, he would call, give a text message or send you an email. It does not matter how they receive the information, but the result is same. The person gets information about the party. In the same way, it works with intuitive gifts. The person will receive the message in different forms, and they are called clairs. You need to practice a lot to tap and strengthen the physical abilities. Here listing about the major intuitive abilities that help to read signals one comes across while reading.

Clairvoyance: It is also known as inner seeing. It is the most popular one, but not many understand this gift well. The other terms of clairvoyance are psychic vision, psychic eye, and third eye. The psychic would have a dramatic vision or a picture of your future just like you see movies.

Clairsentience: It is the ability to receive messages through the sense of emotions, physical sensations or feelings. The feeling or sense of others is also called as clairsentience. As a clairsentient, you can easily find if someone lies to you. You can experience other’s physical ailments.

Clairaudience: The psychics receive spiritual messages without using physical ears. It is the inner hearing. You would suddenly hear a voice saying from within, ‘you are right, go ahead’. Only high sensitive person could experience this.

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